Welcoming Immigrants to America Video Competition

Congratulations to our winners of
Welcoming Immigrants to America:


University students were asked to create a short video as to why the United States should continue to welcome refugees and immigrants in a compelling, comprehensive, and creative way. They could tell their own personal story, explain the contributions refugees and immigrants have made to this country, or talk about why immigration is part of America’s identity. Here are the winners!

The New School

Zolberg Institute for the Study of Migration and Mobility

Georgetown University 2019 award presentation
Yael Arbel presents her video at the Escaping Violence: New Approaches to Forced Migration Zolberg Institute Conference 2019.


Yael Arbel

Masters in Sociology

“For me, everything comes down to how we think and feel. Every action, policy, political move comes from a person, and every person has their stories. These stories influence us and the choices we make. I’m interested in these stories, and how each story has the ability to shape our world.”