Public Awareness

Reignite the value of welcoming refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants to America as a necessary part to the preservation of our democracy.

A key component of our mission is the creation of a public awareness campaign in the U.S. whereby we present the nation’s willingness and continued ability to absorb immigration as both necessary to and consistent with the perpetuation of our democratic values

These values are understood as…

  • Rule of law
  • Religious tolerance
  • Free speech
  • Freedom of opportunity/Mobility
  • Access to social services.

Which are instilled in our…

  • Diversity of people
  • Promise of upward mobility
  • Tolerance of differences
  • Strong sense of civic responsibility

History has shown that immigration is our tradition; and it has defined and refined our democracy. Through an understanding of the economic, political, and social drivers of immigration in the past, we can create an understanding of how immigration today is a continuation of this long history.

It is in our self-interest to aid foreign governments to deal with internal conditions that cause the displacement and migration of their citizens.  We will seek solutions educate the American public to support such initiatives.

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