Our Lands Need Protection From Border Wall Construction, Not From People

By Anne Gallagher on January 21, 2020

The construction of a longer, stronger and seemingly impenetrable border wall along the Rio Grande has the potential to cause severe environmental harm.

study two years ago by the ACLU broke down all the potential hazards to the environment, on land rights, to indigenous communities, and to wildlife, all while creating a situation where people undertake more dangerous border crossings which could cost their life. As the Trump administration is negotiating construction on private property, it is currently taking the easier route of going through a national wildlife refuge that has been protected for 40 years. NPR recently explored just how intense an impact this construction will have on the 9,000 acres of the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge. The study from ACLU and the recent NPR article are not the only example of the environmental impact of the wall.

This past summer, The Exodus Institute hosted a three-day film festival in which we showed a feature documentary film

The River and the Wall film looks at the impact that the border wall construction would have on the Rio Grande area by taking viewers along for a beautiful tour of this land. By the end of the film you leave having a new sense of pride in our country. Seeing such a precious environment and beautiful nature shows that this land is something worth protecting- not from potential asylum seekers who wish to find a better life; but rather protection from a looming wall that would only cause destruction.

Following the film, we had a panel discussion looking at the impact of climate change on migration.

The Exodus Institute seeks to recreate and bring the 2019-film festival on the road in an effort to create a national dialogue on the importance of protecting our environment and creating an America that continues to welcome those seeking refuge and better opportunities. We are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to make sure a festival can come to your area. Your donation would make all the difference on raising awareness and making sure the voiceless are heard. Visit our site to learn more about this project and how you can become a partner in our efforts!

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