Latest Headlines on Immigration News

By Anne Gallagher on February 25, 2019

The border wall has taken over most of the news.

We’ve seen many stories that follow immigration news. Protests of O’Rourke to defend his fellow Texans. Ted Cruz championing for El Chapo to pay for the wall. And even W magazine doing a photoshoot with Roma actress Yalitza Aparicio at the border. However, a new CMS study has shown that the number of undocumented migrants has declined and visa overstays far surpass illegal border crossings for those numbers of undocumented. Now that Trump has laid out his plans to declare a national emergency for obtaining border wall funds, the fight over the border wall, and the political agenda is more contentious than ever.

This past week we have reflected upon the value of talking about our immigration history.

With only a small percentage of Native Americans making up the U.S. population, most of Americans have an immigration story. Stay tuned for updates to our website on how we hope to share some of our immigrant traditions. In the meantime, we are excited to share below about an exhibit happening in Maryland, where high school students created an exhibit on immigration.



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