About The Exodus Institute


Inspired by the historic voyage of the vessel Exodus in 1947 and its impact on the mass resettlement of refugees of the 20th century, the Exodus Institute was founded in 2017. Similar to the global conditions prior to World War II, we are once again facing a worldwide crisis of mass migration; in excess of 65 million people are being displaced due to conflict, intolerance, violence, and environmental disasters. Economic disparity, environmental disasters, and political unrest continue to increase, causing many more people to be displaced and creating one of the greatest humanitarian crises of the century. As was the case prior to WW II, anti-migrant sentiment is growing around the world, including in the United States, and once again, forced migrants are less welcome, threatening the safety of millions fleeing life threatening situations in their own countries.

Our Mission

The Exodus Institute will mobilize the private and international sectors to actively utilize its resources to address the forced migration crisis.

Our Vision

The Exodus Institute envisions a future America that recognizes and embraces the value and contributions of those seeking refuge from violence, poverty, discrimination, and environmental degradation to the fabric of our culture, society, and economy.

Our Goals

We have a three-pronged strategy in which we act to educate, to advocate and to facilitate, in order to raise public awareness and influence public policy.

We educate students, decision-makers and the general public regarding the drivers of forced migration, the economic value that forced migrants bring to the United States, and the importance of forced migrants to the American narrative.

We advocate for policies and laws at the local and state level within the United States that promote the social, cultural and economic inclusion of forced migrants in our communities.

And we act as a facilitator to leverage the deep experience and networks of the Institute’s leadership to broker cross-sector partnerships designed to advance the organization’s mission.

The Exodus Institute will accomplish its mission by focusing its resources on the following goals:

The Exodus Institute
An artist’s rendition of the Exodus 1947 vessel, that may one day become a floating institution for the study of forced migration.

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